Living Life ON PURPOSE

Are you living life on purpose? Have you ever delayed doing something you needed to do, because it seemed too big of a task, you didn’t know where to start, or you were afraid of what you would find out? If so, you certainly aren’t alone.

So many times, when folks call us, they express worry about their financial future. They have ideas about what they have, but they aren’t sure it’s enough to live their retirement dreams. Added to that worry is fear — what if the unthinkable happens and their spouse dies or health concerns derail their plans? 

In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to spend years stirring in this worry without doing anything. 

We are here to help.

The first step in living life on purpose is asking for help in understanding what you have and what you need to make your retirement dreams become reality. 

We love taking these calls, because we know that often the worries, sleepless nights, and fears aren’t founded in reality, and once we can show you, on paper, what you have and what  you need to do, you feel so much better.

You deserve this type of reassurance and we want to help you get there!

Here’s the thing – we are just like you. Our team members have big goals in life and are working to make those happen. In fact, last year we completed a major transition in our firm with the retirement of Phil McMullin. But that didn’t just happen.

Phil and I formed a partnership over 15 years ago, because we felt we could help our clients better as a team than simply as  individual advisors. We also knew that if we worked well together, I could take over the company from him at some point. So, we were intentional in getting to know each other’s clients, and we took a team approach to helping people. If one of his clients called and he wasn’t available, I would help out.

Over time, he grew comfortable thinking about retirement, because he knew his clients would be well taken care of with the team we had in place. And through our combined efforts, the business grew to make his retirement a reality.

We also had help along the way from key partners — at Raymond James and others we hired — who provided advice and resources helpful in planning for and executing this transition.

In the same way, we provide advice and resources to our clients in order to help prepare them to accomplish their goals and dreams.

At On Purpose Financial Management, we have put together a team of advisors, staff, and partners that:

1. CARE about you 

2. WORK hard for you

3. STRUCTURE YOUR MONEY to deliver what you need when you need it

If you are existing in a space of worry and fear, please give us a call. We want to help, and we are excited to work with you in developing your ROADMAP to Financial Freedom©! 

Here’s how it works:

Phase 1: UNDERSTAND – We listen to your concerns and goals to help you:

  • Reimagine your desired life
  • Organize your finances

Phase 2: PLAN – We use our financial planning tools to create a plan for you to move forward:

  • Analyze your current & alternate plans
  • Design your plan
  • Make recommendations

Phase 3: GUIDE – we help you implement your plan:

  • Act on Recommendations
  • Progress to Financial Freedom

Our core purpose is to help you plan for and live out a meaningful retirement. Once we have worked with you to develop your ROADMAP, you will sleep better at night knowing you have the right plan, tools, and partners in place to get you where you want to go!

We are ready to help you live your life ON PURPOSE!

Will Stone, CFP®
President, On Purpose Financial Management
Financial Advisor, Raymond James