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We serve the down-to-earth, humble Americans. From individuals, to multi-generational families, we love getting to know you, and supporting you with On Purpose Financial Management!

The People We Serve

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Women increasingly, either by choice or circumstance, take the lead in managing the financial affairs for themselves and their families. There are also special life situations such as starting a family, death of a spouse, divorce, or long-term care of a parent or other family member, which often provide unique financial challenges.

Some issues that may arise include anticipating sufficient income to cover each month, life insurance proceeds, maximizing your savings, Social Security, and the retitling of financial accounts.

We understand that and work with clients to develop a plan that anticipates and addresses these challenges as well as provides for their financial needs in order to help them feel comfortable that their life goals may be achieved.

We are here to help you address and resolve these and all issues and concerns you may have, and to sit down with you to create a clear financial plan.

Our team helps families address the many financial matters they face, balancing today’s needs with the goals of tomorrow. There are college educations to be funded and insurance plans to be made for protecting your family. Whatever the need, we’ll be here for you as your family builds, grows, and evolves into future generations.

Often times, family wealth is concentrated in a single stock received through inheritance or a successful business career. We have strategies designed to hedge, monetize, diversify, or transfer assets, while mitigating tax implications. Another risk to wealth is the erosion of investment gains due to taxes. Our knowledge of tax-advantaged investments and the tax impact of specific transactions can help you keep more of what you’ve earned.

The heads of families are also highly interested in leaving a legacy for their children, grandchildren, and community organizations they support. We have strategies designed to not only provide for those you care about, but also potentially generate personal tax benefits, and further their overall wealth management plans.

Many of the successful and hardworking families we serve represent first-generation wealth. Our goal is to help them prepare their heirs for the money, versus just preparing the money for their heirs.

We work hard to open up the conversation with our clients by asking goal-oriented questions such as: What is important to you? Do you talk about money with your children? Do you discuss how you made your money with your children? What does wealth mean to you? What does it mean to your children?

Using this knowledge, our team is able to implement age-appropriate education for our clients’ children and grandchildren. We will communicate frequently regarding various topics, from general budgeting to setting up a savings account. It helps in passing along their personal principles, as well as their financial values, to the next generation of their families. Once their children reach adulthood, a large number become our individual clients, as well.

Our mission is to serve as your family’s financial advisors for life, handling all matters related to managing and preserving your wealth, and building your legacy – so you are free to focus on enjoying your life and the people important to it.

Changes in tax laws may occur at any time and could have a substantial impact upon each person’s situation. Investors should consult a tax professional for tax advice specific to their situation.

We serve many executives who have spent their careers in the corporate world and, because of it, face a number of complex financial situations, from stock options to concentrated equities.

As a corporate executive, you understand that planning is at the heart of running a successful company or practice. The same is true for your own future. However, between the time-consuming demands of your job and the complex nature of your personal financial circumstances, planning for your own future can be challenging.

We serve corporate executives who realize the wisdom in having a well-designed financial plan not only for addressing short-term needs today, such as saving for their children’s college educations, but looking long term to their own retirement and legacy.

We can help corporate executives with many different executive transactions, including stock option planning, cashless stock option exercises, rule 144 executions, 10b5-1 sales plans, and hedging and monetization for concentrated equity positions. In addition, we can assist with corporate solutions such as share repurchase programs, corporate cash management, executive benefit platforms, and retirement programs.

You can rely on us to provide high-level expertise and advice for your personal financial matters. We can serve as your trusted partner to help manage your investments and mitigate your tax burden, while also addressing key issues such as estate planning, generational wealth transfer, and your philanthropic efforts.

Please note changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and could substantially impact your situation. While we are familiar with the tax provisions of the issues presented herein, as Raymond James financial advisors we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

If you don’t know what money you have, where it is, or how it’s performing, it’s hard to live the life you want.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1

We work with you to create a Roadmap to Financial Freedom.

We listen to your concerns and goals and use our financial planning tools to create a plan for you to move forward.

Step 2

We work together to implement your plan.

We work with you to coordinate and manage your financial roadmap to help you reach your goals with investment management.

Step 3

You Live Your Life

You will have confidence knowing you have the right plan, tools, and partners in place to help get you where you want to go!

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